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  • iMix Nicotine Salt DIY PG/VG Base

    60mL Salt Nicotine Base

    The iMix DIY PG/VG Base should be used with the iMix Flavor Shots. After adding flavor, most flavors are vapeable right away, but usually taste better after sitting for 12-48 hours.

    iMix DIY PG/VG Base is filled approximately 75% full to leave room to add the iMix Flavor Shots.

    Some flavors are very strong (menthols, cinnamon red hot, etc), and only half a bottle of the iMix Flavor Shot should be added to the iMix DIY PG/VG base. More can then be added to taste.

    60mL PG/VG Base requires (1) 15mL iMix Flavor Shot.

    Size: 60mL
    Nicotine: 24mg or 48mg
    PG/VG: 40/60

    “This Product Contains a Chemical Known to the State of California to Cause Cancer or Birth Defects or Other Reproductive Harm. Keep out of reach of Children and Pets. Not for Underage Sale. This product contains Nicotine, which is derived from Tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical.”

    “Must be 21+ to Purchase in California”

    “Made in the USA”

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  • Juicy Candy

    An oddly familiar mixture of sour candy, strawberry, peach and watermelon that makes your tongue think of rainbows!

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  • Jupiter

    This cosmic blast of blueberry, strawberry, grape and pineapple will take you on a trip out of this world!

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  • Liquid Gold

    Rich custard mixed with hazelnut, candy pecan and marshmallow that is so enticing you would think it was touched by Midas himself!

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  • Liu Tang

    Karate chop your taste buds with this delicious crisp apple, blueberry, dragon fruit, raspberry blend!

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  • Rated 5.00 out of 5


    You won’t want to miss this nostalgic vaping experience filled with fruit crunch rings, strawberry and milk.

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  • Maiden’s Milk

    Who would have thought that a hint of coconut in your strawberry milk would be so good?

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  • Mango Melon Mashup

    This mashup of strawberry, watermelon, honeydew and mango is sure to be a big hit!

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  • Mango Peach

    You can’t always take something at face value, but this time you can!

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  • Menthol

    Smooth tobacco with a refreshing menthol finish.

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  • Menthol Ice

    Whiskey on the rocks, hold the whiskey. Just cold refreshing vapor.

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  • Menthol Ice – Salt Nic

    Whiskey on the rocks, hold the whiskey. Just cold refreshing vapor.

    30 mL – 24 mg or 48 mg


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