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  • White House Vapes Bernie


    You know what’s crazy? Paying $22 for a 30mL. That’s for the 1%. No more vaping inequality America. It’s time you get a juice that taste like a bowl of cold Vermont milk and fruity cereal at decent price. America should be a place where you can vape like a millionaire even if you have student loan debt.

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  • White House Vapes Cruz


    You don’t have to be from Texas to love big flavor, and America, this flavor is BIG. Creamy peanut butter, milk chocolate, vanilla custard, caramel and graham cracker. Big flavor packed into a small price tag. You don’t need science to know a great vape when you try it and you should’t have to be a Washington Insider to afford it. I promise you America, this flavor is so good it will make you forget about Global Warming.

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  • White House Vapes Hillary
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    Let’s talk about breaking down some barriers America. It shouldn't cost more to vape than it does pay a mortgage. America, if you’re tired of overpaying for hype juice, vote for me. I’m a refreshingly simple blend of red apple and sweet strawberries with just a pinch of peach that you know and trust. This is a first class vape with a middle class price tag.

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  • White House Vapes Rubio


    America, I know about Big Dreams. My parents came to America so that their kids could have Big Dreams and drink delicious strawberry shakes. But mostly so they could drink strawberry shakes. America, everyone should be able to have a strawberry shake everyday. Or at least vape one. Did I mention I love strawberry shakes? I did. Ok. What was the question again?

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  • White House Vapes The Donald

    The Donald

    America loves me. It’s true. They tell me all the time. People say I remind them of a warm apple cinnamon muffin. A very very rich muffin. But you don’t need a 10 digit bank account like mine to buy this flavor. So Fire your old juice brand. It’s time to Make America affordable and delicious again.

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