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  • Chimera

    A delicious twist on everybody's favorite strawberry-kiwi with tart apples and hints of orange.

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  • Frenchy


    Cool off with this strawberry-kiwi and blueberry ice, perfect after a long day.

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  • Hawaiian Eskimo

    Hawaiian Eskimo

    Opposites collide in this one, with apples,  papaya, pineapple, guava and a blast of ice giving you a taste of paradise and the north!

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  • Icy Blue Raz

    Icy Blue Razz

    A cooling blending of Raspberry with hints of Blueberry and Menthol.

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  • Liu Tang

    Liu Tang

    Experience this intense berry and tart apple blend overhauled with exotic dragon fruit, giving the perfect twist!

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  • Mango Melon Mashup

    Mango Melon Mashup

    A melody of melons, sweet strawberry and tangy mangos all perfectly blended together!

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  • Muse
    Rated 5.00 out of 5


    A mega berry blend, sweet raspberry and strawberry mixed with blackberry and tangerine.

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  • Off the Wall

    Off the Wall

    This cold candy vape is just off the wall awesome! Get a taste of watermelon candy, fresh strawberries, and apples blended with extreme ice.

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  • OG Steve

    OG Steve

    It doesn't get any better than this blueberry and strawberry mashup polished off with a sweet citrus finish.

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  • On Call

    On Call

    Up next is this sweet and icy blu-razzberry peach and pomegranate menthol. Goes great mixed with off the wall to create the house favorite Lightswitch.

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  • Pink Love

    Pink Love

    Got a taste for sweet citrus? Try this twist of kiwi, watermelon and key lime to satisfy your craving.

    PLEASE NOTE **This flavor has recently been “Revamped”, and will be different than previous makes of this flavor**

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  • Raider


    This sweet blue raspberry and pink Champaign mix will shock your senses!

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